Athens-Patras National Road

Posted on 07-07-2016 by Susanne Johnson

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A large part of Athens-Patras national road (motor road A8) has been under construction for several years due to delays caused by the financing issues. While the roadworks have been under way the number of accidents increased dramatically, earning A8 a reputation of one of the most dangerous roads in the country. According to the traffic police, drivers are three times more likely to be involved in a traffic accident on A8 than on A2, i.e. the northern Egnatia Highway, or when driving from Athens to Thessaloniki. Your task is to (i) analyse traffic volumes on A8, or different segments thereof, (ii) investigate the effect of construction work on the nearby transport infrastructure, (iii) overlay, if possible, road traffic data with the traffic accident data for the area and (iv) propose ways to optimise traffic flow on A8 and/or other motorways.
Intended output:
Map visualisations, map compositions, suggestions
Required Skills:
programming, java, GIS knowledge
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